23 Sep: Thank you Baltimore City Department of Housing & Community Development!

Thank you Baltimore City Department of Housing & Community Development!

EndsideOut is happy to announce that we were awarded a grant from Baltimore City Department of Housing & Community Development. This grant will allow us to expand and help create a more healthy Baltimore. Our Know Your Health program will be implemented in five schools:

  • Cherry Hill Elementary
  • Arundel Elementary
  • Bay Brook Elementary
  • Matthew Henson Elementary
  • Graceland Elementary School

15 Jul: Thank you for helping us create a culture of health!

Thank you for helping us create a culture of health! Summer is here! School may be out, but our work on your health and wellness isn’t on summer vacation! First, we want to thank the South Baltimore Gateway Partnership, Cherry Hill Community, parents, students, and administrators for allowing us to introduce “Turn Your Health Inside Out” to the community for the 2018-2019 school year. Whether it was a health fair, workshop, Zumba, water challenge, bingo, or “Get Fit,” we grew closer to creating a culture of health! Despite this amazing progress, we still have a lot more work to do. It is our mission at EndsideOut to help all communities understand the correlation between food, physical fitness, preventable disease, and academic achievement; and it all begins with the process of eating the right foods and knowing the “why.” We are excited about the upcoming 2019-2020 school year and happy to…

Baltimore Public Schools

02 Nov: Exciting Workshop with Cherry Hill Elementary School Third Graders

The holidays are upon us, but don’t let that stop you from creating and living a culture of health.

Ms. Sampson’s third grade class at Cherry Hill Elementary School is doing just that. Our workshop for these scholars was a fun, engaging group effort at learning why a nutrient diet matters.  We are excited to work with these scholars and their parents towards a healthy community! Your health matters!


11 Sep: EndsideOut’s ‘Turn Your Health Inside Out’ comes to the Cherry Hill Community!

Endsideout (EO) and school are back in session!

We are excited to bring Turn Your Health Inside Out to Cherry Hill Elementary School and Arundel Elementary School. This two-tiered program, geared towards parents and students, is designed to teach the importance of both a nutrient dense diet and physical fitness.

EO provided an information session on Turn Your Health Inside Out at the Back to School Night and Parent Workshop at both schools, and received a warm welcome back from some of the parents at Cherry Hill. Previously EO partnered with a group at that school, and we were greatly encouraged by the progress parents and children that committed to the EO principles made over the past 2 years.

25 Jul: EndsideOut receives a grant award on behalf of the SBG Partnership

Endsideout (EO) is excited to receive a grant award on behalf of the SBG Partnership! We are excited to bring our program back to the South Baltimore community. EO is focused on educating communities how and why a nutrient dense food matters to all communities. Stay tuned for our workshop coming to your community. We want to keep you healthy and reduce your risk to preventable diseases!

04 Apr: EndsideOut Peer Leaders for 2017

EndsideOut Peer Leaders for 2017 Endsideout’s Peer Leaders for the 2017 school year have completed their Peer Leader training and are preparing to be positive change agents for Matthew A. Henson Elementary school’s cheerleading squad! They are the Peer Leader for the Health and Wellness work shop “Turn Your Health Insideout!”