EndsideOut Featured at Exponent Philanthrophy’s 2023 Conference

October 2023

This month, EndsideOut was invited to speak at Exponent Philanthropy’s 2023 Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD. The conference is held annually for lean funders across the country to connect with each other and evaluate their practices.

As a result of our partnership with Resilia, our team was invited to provide our perspective on capacity building from a nonprofit side, at a panel entitled, “Leverage Technology to Meet BIPOC Nonprofits Where They Are.” Our Operations Manager, Betia Zeng, shared how online resources are crucial to our growth and sustainability, especially as we seek funding for our programs. BIPOC-led nonprofits are chronically underfunded, and opportunities for capacity building are often out of reach. 

Thank you to Exponent Philanthropy and Resilia for such an amazing opportunity to contribute to the conversation about how to best support small, BIPOC-led nonprofits!